All the q's & a's

Don't worry - we're here to help!

Do you Travel?

Yes, we're based in the Gold Coast, Australia and travel worldwide capturing and creating for our couples.

How long will it take to get our content?

Within 24hrs! Some reels will be uploaded slowly throughout the week as we create them - but your main first batch within 24hrs!

How much content/videos do we get?

You get all of the raw video footage (I know that's a TONNE) plus the amount we discuss and agree on during your content consult.

How do we get our content?

All videos will be uploaded via online gallery for easy sharing and downloading!

Do you colour grade?

We don't colour grade our raw videos, besides the Black and White. If you're wanting the more cinematic look - please contact our sister business 'Our Heritage & Co' for more refined videos.

What do you shoot this on?

We capture everything on our phones! All in 4k, high quality, high resolution!

How do we book you?

Get in touch via email or contact form! Then - we'll lock in a collection for you, pay the deposit and you're all locked in for your day.

Can you help us with planning?

Of course! We can help with timings, however your photographer will most likely have a timeline for you! If you need any extra help - we're here for you.

How far out do you book?

We book a year and a half in advance! So if you're having a wedding in 2024 or early 2025 - it's time to lock us in!

Whats the content consult?

This is when we chat about what specific moments you want captured. We'll focus on these and make snippet videos around these moments!

Still have a few questions? Get in touch with us!

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